Part of our commitment to prayer includes praying that God would send laborers into the harvest.  We commit to reaching families, our community, our county, our state, our nation and our world.   Help Wanted…come be a part of this year’s harvest of souls.

Jerusalem – Our Local Community:

There are people in our community who need the gospel, but may never set foot in our church building. They are our “Jerusalem” mission field and we will intentionally build strategies to reach them—from feeding the poor, to providing necessary services free of charge, we will stretch our imagination in developing creative, Christ-honoring ways to reach the lost in our Jerusalem.


We help support WFB with monthly donations,
as well as daily volunteers. 



JudeaThe State of Tennessee


RT participates in projects organized by the state of Tennessee.  As a part of a global ministry, Tennessee leads the way in many efforts to reach the lost across the 3 states of Tennessee (West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee)




Samaria—Our Continent:North America

While we often think of North America as “Christian,” the reality is that an estimated 250 million people in our “Samaria” have nopersonal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is three of every four people! The lostness of North America runs deep, and the gospel often meets a calloused response in this modern-day Samaria. We will partner with the North American Presbyters office to reach out with the gospel in our Samaria.



 Ends of the Earth:

Thousands of people around the world are coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Yet the stark reality remains: 1.7 billion people still have little or no access to the gospel message. And while the Church of God of Prophecy missionaries are going to international mission fields in unprecedented numbers, many more are needed. We will partner with the Global Outreach International Ministries as they stand poised to help us understand the needs, overcome the barriers of culture and language, and connect us with the mission opportunities that are providentially matched with our church’s vision and resources. We currently sponsor an orphanage in Rwanda, Africa; Local Pastors in Israel, and various ministries on the island of Cyprus.  The ends of the earth are within our grasp!

We currently sponsor Missions in Cyprus & Israel
Children of the orphanage
Children of the Rwanda orphanage


National Overseers of Cyprus & Israel Bishop Michael Charalambous, his wife Soula (on the left) and Cathleen Douglas, Roberts Tabernacle’s Missions Director in Israel, 2011