A Community Thriving In Christ
A Community Thriving In Christ

Sunday School for Kids

sunday school for kids


Beginning Sundays at 9:45 am.   Sunday School helps kids learn about Jesus and guides them toward their own relationship with Him.  During Sunday School they will discover many new and exciting things.

They will Discover Hope, Develop Faith, and Deploy Love.



Do you remember how you felt when you were a kid?  Remember when you first felt the soft flutter of a butterfly’s wings?  Remember how you felt when you discovered a 4 leaf clover?  All the things we discovered as children combined together to form a sense of wonder and amazement.  The discovery of Christ is the same.  Kids will discover the softness of his love, the blessings that come because he loves us and wants us to be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Learning how to use their own Bible is a crucial part of the discovery process.  Kids will learn to navigate their journey through Bible discovery time.  It will help them find their way on their journey in life.

Developing a relationship with Christ and others happens slowly and over a period of time.  Each child will build trust and learn to be friends with other kids and adults.  They will develop a listening ear by listening to the Holy Spirit as He gives them guidance.  Detecting and learning to trust the inner voice is one of the major development processes all throughout childhood.


A tree planted in the soil will burst through the ground at the urging of soil, light, water, and warmth.  It is during this time of fragile beginnings that many children begin to deploy their gifts and talents.  But before the fruit can begin to produce they must have a deep and established root system.  This system is strengthened by just the right amounts of water.  Too much water causes the roots to form too shallow and the plant has no stability.  Too little water will cause the plant to shrivel and die.  But just the right balance can produce a strong deeply attached root system that reaches way down into the ground and will ensure steadiness in hard times.  Deep roots and a strong grip will keep the plant from blowing over at every wind that comes along.  Life can become hard, but at just the right time, the young plant will start budding and producing the first signs of its fruit production.  Finally, Deployment!  With deployment comes the first seeds of the next generation.

We encourage you to enroll your child in Sunday School at Roberts Tabernacle.


Nursery –0-4 
Heather Kennedy

Heather Kennedy

1st & 2nd Grades
Melissa Raby

3rd & 4th Grades 
Cheryl Rough

5th & 6th Grades
Ben & Sherry Long

7th & 8th Grades
Cynthia Yankee

High School
Danny Wilson



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