A Community Thriving In Christ
A Community Thriving In Christ

As we see in the Gospels, Jesus taught His disciples in small groups. Although He could have preached to millions at a time, He chose a small group to teach, prepare, and empower His closest followers for ministry. He calls us all to discipleship in the same way.

At the Tabernacle, we use Jesus’ model for learning, by gathering people into small groups. It is in the small group that participants make it part of their lives by engaging in a discussion of pertinent questions and learning from one another.

The Bible study is usually led by our pastor but once per month,  one of our associate ministers steps in to lead the group.  

Often, this small group dynamic proves to be one of the greatest added benefits of the study. This type of faith sharing in the Body of Christ helps build community and strong relationships, and it strengthens each person on many levels, so much so that many people couldn’t imagine the study without it!

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